Time Series Analysis

The visual interactive analysis of time series is subject to ongoing research at GRIS for over one decade. Visual querying tools have been invented, e.g., to facilitate interactive information retrieval for digital library systems . Exploratory analysis of time series data revealed novel ways to gain an overview of large collections of time series data, supported with techniques from visual analytics and interactive machine learning .

Time Series Analysis is part of the lectures Information Visualization and Visual Analytics as well as User-Centered Design for Visual Computing. Several research projects have been conducted at GRIS. Finally, many student and PhD projects deal with Time Series Analysis.

Time Series Analysis explained

Time and time-oriented phenomena stored in time series data are one of the most prominent types of information to be analyzed. Time series analysis is conducted for many decades, if not centuries. With the advances in data mining , information retrieval , and more recently information visualization and visual analytics the way time series data is analyzed today has changed rapidly – and is still subject to change. Many application domains require novel (visual-interactive) analysis techniques for time series data to make sense out of large and complex data collections.