News and Activities

  • 2019/02/08

    Joint paper accepted at 4th Workshop on Advances in Secure Electronic Voting

    Fruitful cooperation between Karola Marky and Marie-Laure Zollinger.

  • 2019/01/29

    RTG member Tim Schürmann completed his Ph.D.

    Tim Schürmann successfully completed his disputation in psychology for his thesis titled “Evaluation bayesianischer kognitiver Modelle in der Vorhersage menschlichen Verhaltens” on January, 28th. He is, therefore, the 2nd full-time student of the RTG to complete his Ph.D. within the ambitious 3-year timeframe. Congratulations.

  • 2018/11/07

    Lecture series: Female Scientists for Female Students

    Kleine Vortragsreihe „Studentinnen für Wissenschaft begeistern“ startet wieder am 20.11.2018.

  • 2018/11/06

    RTG Privacy at Trust at “Tag der Interdisziplinarität”

    Students had the chance to get to know our RTG PAT during the “Tag der Inderdisziplinarität” (interdisciplinarity day) organized by Forum interdisziplinäre Forschung (FIF)in Darmstadt on November, 5th.

  • 2018/11/01

    „Exploring Mental Models of Privacy and Verifiability with Selene“

    Marie-Laure Zollinger from the Applied Security and Information Assurance Group (APSIA) at the University of Luxemburg gave talk at our RTG.

  • 2018/10/19

    RTG PAT contributes to conference of “Forum Privatheit”

    Members of RTG PAT gave several talks at yearly interdisciplinary conference of the “Forum Privatheit” entitled “Zukunft der Datenökonomie – Gestaltungsperspektiven zwischen Geschäftsmodell, Kollektivgut und Verbraucherschutz” which took place in Munich from 11.10.2018 – 12.10.2018.


  • 2018/10/17

    RTG associate Karola Marky visited Keio University Graduate School of Media Design

    The RTG associate Karola Marky visited Prof. Kai Kunze at Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (

    Prof. Kunze introduced her to his lab and presented his research on eyewear computing and meta-limbs.

  • 2018/09/26

    SAVE THE DATE! New Lecture Series: Female Scientists for Female Students

    The RTG „Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users“ invites female students to two exciting presentations to give insights into the everydaylife of female scientists.

  • 2018/09/21

    iPAT 2018 – 1st Interdisciplinary Workshop of the Research Training Group 2050

    The 13th edition of the ARES conference featured both its own program, and a number of collocated workshops, one of which was organized by the RTG 2050 (iPAT)

  • 2018/08/22

    Coming up! 13th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2018)

    PAT members organise 1st Interdisciplinary Workshop on Privacy and Trust (iPAT) at ARES conference, one of Europe's prime conferences for security related research.