About us

About us

RTG Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users

The Doctoral College “Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users” is a highly interdisciplinary collaboration between Computer Science and the fields of Law, Sociology, Information Systems (in Economics), and Usability (in Psychology) funded as Research Training Group by the German National Science Foundation (DFG). We aim at improving the position of mobile users—think of Smartphone users—vis-a-vis Internet-based services, social networks, and sensor-augmented environments (summarized as 'networks').

In the mobile users' experience, these networks and the players therein are becoming increasingly opaque while the users themselves are becoming increasingly transparent. In a multi-disciplinary effort, our Doctoral College counters these “paired trends”—transparent users and opaque networks—with the “paired goals” privacy & trust: privacy is considered as the main instrument for limiting user transparency, while assessing the expected trustworthiness of players in the network is considered as the main instrument for countering the opaqueness of the network players.

The research activities of our RTG are briefly described in our recent flyer:



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The RTG Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users maintains mutually beneficial relationships with several corporate partners.

News and Activities

  • 2019/02/08

    Joint paper accepted at 4th Workshop on Advances in Secure Electronic Voting

    Fruitful cooperation between Karola Marky and Marie-Laure Zollinger.

  • 2019/01/29

    RTG member Tim Schürmann completed his Ph.D.

    Tim Schürmann successfully completed his disputation in psychology for his thesis titled “Evaluation bayesianischer kognitiver Modelle in der Vorhersage menschlichen Verhaltens” on January, 28th. He is, therefore, the 2nd full-time student of the RTG to complete his Ph.D. within the ambitious 3-year timeframe. Congratulations.

  • 2018/11/07

    Lecture series: Female Scientists for Female Students

    Kleine Vortragsreihe „Studentinnen für Wissenschaft begeistern“ startet wieder am 20.11.2018.