Open PhD Position at the Institute of Psychology (Educational Psychology/IoT)


This position is part of our interdisciplinary DFG Research Training Group, in which researchers from Computer Science, Economics, Law, Sociology, and Psychology at Technical University of Darmstadt, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, and Kassel University cooperate.

Your tasks: Research within the RTG on privacy protection in Internet-of-Things (IoT) Learning environments. In this project, the perspective of users on privacy and trust in IoT Learning environments will be investigated in interdisciplinary cooperation with computer science and law. The IoT connects sensors and devices in rapidly growing numbers. Many of these operate around humans, supported by increasingly powerful (e.g., artificially intelligent) algorithms. This also applies to all contexts of knowledge transfer and acquisition, for example at (high) schools, in companies or in leisure time. Project work includes conducting empirical-experimental psychological studies on the perspective of users and other stakeholders on privacy and trust in these contexts, presenting the project work at conferences and through scientific publications, supervising students, and administrative activities within the project. In addition, participation in the tasks of the working group is expected and an active contribution to the teaching of the working group within the scope of a maximum of 2 SWS is possible.

Please find the full job offer here.