RTG member Kris Sridaran visits Aarhus Crypto group


Kris Sridaran visited Claudio Orlandi at Aarhus Crypto group for two weeks (28.08.2017 – 08.09.2017) to present the results of his current work as well as to explore further research collaboration. He gave a talk on efficient two party computation and got feedback on our current work. During the duration of his visit, there were discussions about couple of research topics which seemed to be interesting and helpful as he got in contact with other PhDs and PostDocs.

Discussions regarding research and general topics with Claudio and Ivan Damgård were valuable for him. James Grime gave a talk on Alan Turing and Enigma machine. He brought along an (almost) working Enigma Machine, which he said was 81 years old. There were even discussions about code breaking during World War II later that evening.