Richard Bubel Dr. rer. nat.


work +49 6151 16-21956

Work S2|02 A225
Hochschulstraße 10
64285 Darmstadt


I am a postdoc at the Software Engineering group.

  • Formal Specification
  • Deductive Verification
  • Automated Theorem Proving

Current Projects

  • ALBIA as principal investigator
  • KeY as project member and main developer

Past Projects

  • EU-FP7 project HATS as project coordinator (working for scientific coordinator Prof. Dr. R. Hähnle) and researcher
  • COST IC0701 as regular participant of meetings, conferences (no official role)

Journals, Conference & Workshops (excerpt)

IFM'16, TAP'16, IJCAR'16, CPP'16, TASE'16, FMSPLE'16, SOSYM, LOPSTR'12, ITP'12, IJCAR'12, WING'11 (journal), TACAS'11, FM'11, FOVEOOS'10, LPAR-16, VERIFY'10, VMCAI'10, CADE'09, ECOOP'09, FMCO'09, TABLEAUX'09, TAP'09, WING'09 (journal and workshop) and many more