Dominic Steinhöfel

Dominic Steinhöfel M.Sc.

+49 6151 16-21955

Hochschulstraße 10
64289 Darmstadt

Raum: S2|02 A223

Mehr Informationen

Ich bin wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Doktorand in der Software Engineering Group. Mein Betreuer ist Prof. Reiner Hähnle.

Ich möchte darauf hinweisen, dass ich im April 2017 meinen Nachnamen von Scheurer zu Steinhöfel geändert habe. Suchen Sie nach einem Dominic Scheurer, bin das wahrscheinlich ebenfalls ich.


See the list of my publications here or visit DBLP (might be incomplete) or ORCID.

Research Interests

My interests center around logics and program verification. In the past, I was working on State Joining and Abstraction techniques. Currently, I am focusing on making heavyweight symbolic execution practical by (1) applying it in (sound) program transformation and compilation, (2) developing a system for collaborative specification of software libraries, (3) improving the scalability of symbolic execution by integrating state merging in loop invariants and method body specifications, and (4) using symbolic execution for assessing the strength of formal verifications.



I'm not involved in any lectures in the current term.

Supervised Theses

Ongoing Theses

  • B.Sc. Thesis „Dynamische Generierung von Schleifen-Invarianten“

Thesis Offers

Currently, there are no thesis offers.

Past Theses

In the past, I supervised the following theses:

  • B.Sc. Thesis „Transparent Treatment of Loops in JavaDL“
  • M.Sc. thesis „Towards a Design for Verification Approach in Deductive Software Verification“
  • M.Sc. thesis „Automatic Generation of Loop Invariants“ (co-supervisor together with Richard Bubel)
  • Bachelor Thesis: Join Block Contracts for a Dynamic Logic Calculus


  • Winter term 2017/18: Exercises of the „Software Engineering“ lecture.
  • Winter term 2017/18: Organization of the Bachelorpraktikum (assisting Richard Bubel)
  • Summer term 2017: „Software Project Failures“ Seminar
  • Winter term 2016/17: Exercises of the „Software Engineering“ lecture.
  • Winter term 2015/16: Organization of the Bachelorpraktikum (assisting Richard Bubel)
  • Summer term 2015: Organization of the Bachelorpraktikum (assisting Richard Bubel)



I am involved in the KeY project as a project member.

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