Double Master Degree with Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta

Double Degree (Master of Science) with Universitas Indonesia

UI Fasilkom
Universitas Indonesia, Department of Computer Science

Starting in 2018, TU Darmstadt and Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta are offering a Double Degree Master program in Computer Science.

In this two-year Master program, students have to earn (the equivalent of) 60 ECTS course credits in the first year at their home university – either TU Darmstadt or Universitas Indonesia – then spend the second year at the partner university, where they earn (the equivalent of) 60 ECTS credits for courses and Master Thesis.

The double degree program is offered in English. Admission is based on academic results, motivation and language skills.

Students of TU Darmstadt who are enrolled (or are planning to enrol) in the Master in Distributed Software Systems program should contact the program coordinator at TU Darmstadt.

Students of Universitas Indonesia interested in this program should contact the program coordinator at Universitas Indonesia.