Congrats, you made it! You have successfully completed your studies and are about to embark on an exciting new phase in your life. We would like for you to stay in touch and stay connected with your alma mater.

Graduation Ceremony – postponed!

Dear Graduates,

After a year of daily Zoom events, the enthusiasm for digital events is understandably low among many of you. Personal feedback in the study office and comparatively few registrations for the upcoming graduation ceremony clearly show this.

We can understand this very well and would have liked to say goodbye to you in person at a festive event. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible – so we have decided to postpone the ceremony until the end of November. We will let you know the exact date soon.

On the one hand, this will enable us to attract more graduates interested in a digital farewell in the coming months and, at the same time, we hope for the possibility of an on-site or hybrid event in November.

Graduates who have collected their official Master certificate at the students office, are invited to register via the online form.

Please direct all questions directly to