Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Jakobs

From March 2019 until March 2023 Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Jakobs was an assistant professor of the Computer Science Department at the Technical University Darmstadt and the leader of the research group Semantics and Verification of Parallel System. Since April 2023 has she been a Professor at LMU Munich.

Picture: Benjamin Raddatz

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marie-Christine Jakobs


Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Jakobs

Short Biography

In 2012, Marie-Christine Jakobs finished her studies in computer science at Paderborn University. She received her doctor's degree in 2017 from Paderborn University. From 2017 to 2019 she worked as postdoctoral researcher at LMU Munich. From March 2019 until March 2023 Marie-Christine Jakobs has been an assistant professor at TU Darmstadt. Since April 2023 she has been a professor at LMU Munich. Furthermore, Marie-Christine Jakobs has been contributing to the software analysis tool CPAchecker since 2012.


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Research Interests

Marie-Christine Jakobs does research in the area of automatic software verification. Her research focuses on static analysis, model checking, testing, and runtime monitoring. She is interested in theoretical foundations as well as tool development.

One of her current research interests is incremental verification, in which information from a previous verification run is used to simplify the verification of the current, modified program. Furthermore, currently she also looks into the combination of verification approaches, verifier-based testing, optimization of runtime monitoring, and the validation of verification results.


All my publications are available at DBLP or Google Scholar.