Bachelor / Master Topics

We offer various topics on system security for a Bachelor, Master, Diploma or even PhD Thesis. In most cases these topics are related to current research projects of our group, but individual topics are also possible.

General Topics

In general, we have three main research areas: cryptographic protocols, security functions in hardware, and trusted platforms and computing. Derived from these areas the following lists present typical thesis topics we offer.

Operating System Security

  • Security Architecture
  • Trusted Computing
  • Smartphone OS (Android iPhone, …)
  • Virtualization, Secure Hypervisors

Embedded System

  • RFID (technology and applications)
  • Physically Unclonable Functions (PUF)
  • Crypto Co-Processors (and TPMs)
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Smartphone System


  • Practical Secure Computation Protocols
  • Compilers for Cryptographic Protocols
  • Privacy Enhanced Lightweight Cryptographic Protocols (for embedded System)

IoT Security

  • Intrusion detection in IoT networks
  • Adversarial machine learning defences

Security and Privacy in Clouds

  • Cloud security analysis/attacks
  • Trusted Computing and the Cloud

Theses Offers

Master-Thesis – Security Verification of Hardware Designs