coMAP: Support for Collaborative Situation Analysis and Planning in Crisis Management Teams using Interactive Tabletops

Crisis management requires the collaboration of a variety of people with different roles, often across organizational boundaries. It has been shown that geographic information systems can improve the efficiency of disaster management operations. However, workstation-based solutions fail to offer the same ease of collaboration as the large analog maps currently in use. Recent research prototypes, which use interactive tabletops for this purpose, often do not consider individual roles and the need for accountability of actions. In this project, we present coMAP, a system built for interactive tabletops that facilitates collaborative situation analysis and planning in crisis management teams. Users can interact with coMAP using multi-touch as well as pen input. The latter is realized by new methods for the use of Anoto digital pens without the Anoto microdot pattern. A pen-optimized pie menu provides access to role-specific information and system functions. A combination of role-based access control and indoor tracking via Bluetooth is used to support accountability of actions while still allowing collaboration and information sharing.


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  • Sebastian Döweling (SAP AG, HCI Research, sebastian.doeweling(at)
  • Benedikt Schmidt
  • Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi