Past Projects


coMAP, a system built for interactive tabletops facilitating collaborative situation analysis and planning in crisis management.


EarPut is a novel interface concept, which instruments the ear as an interactive surface for touch-based gesture interactions.

Hybrid Interactive Surfaces

This project focuses on designing interaction techniques for hybrid tabletop displays, which enable users to concurrently manipulate digital and physical media on one single surface.


In this project, we investigated how interaction with video can benefit from multiple paper-like displays that support interaction with motion and sound.


In this project, we investigate how the unique affordances of pico projectors can be leveraged for novel, tangible interaction techniques with physical, real world objects.


In this project, we present a novel device concept that features double-sided displays which can be folded using predefined hinges.


Future generations of displays will be thin, lighweight, and flexible. In this project, we develop novel interaction techniques for displays which can be dynamically expanded and collapsed.


We develop novel interaction techniques for the mobile navigation of multimedia contents.


Letras provides a novel toolkit for the support of pen-based interaction in mobile and ubiquitous computing settings.


CoScribe is a collaborative platform for knowledge workers. The project tightly integrates the interaction with printed and digital documents by leveraging digital pen technology.

Mixed-Reality Environments

Within the scope of this project, we develop new concepts for the visualization of large information spaces on mobile devices. Moreover, we focus on mobile interaction design for these spaces within mixed reality environments.


This project focuses on multi-device web browsing. We employ novel web page partitioning algorithms to foster the collaborative browsing of web applications using multiple devices.

Pen-based Musical Interaction

We are currently developing a novel instrument for live music performance which relies on digital pens and interactive surfaces. We use the Anoto digital pen technology.