Survey – Modelling of Components and Flows

Bachelor Thesis, Seminar Thesis, Master Thesis


In mission-critical applications, it is necessary to comply with predefined limits (e.g. deadlines). Therefore, adjusting the quality of results (QoR) of an application can help to keep the application within these limits.

In order to support the developer in visualising and implementing such application combinations, we want to explore different ways of modelling content and processes in an application.


In the work we are looking the state of the art in the field of modelling components and flows. More in detail we want to answer the following questions:

  • What are the types of modelling of application sequences across computer boundaries.
  • How are communication paths taken into account in these models
  • How can configuration and validation be made visually simple for the developer?


The QoR is a well-functioning tool to find a suitable result in the expected time. For the developer it should be easy to use. In particular, the validation and modelling of the application flows is a special focus here. After this work, we are able to identify several areas where research can provide deeper insight. New topics have emerged and open questions have been worked out.