New at the Office of Student Affairs

International Affairs and Admissions Officer


Since June 1, Dr. Linda Frey has been supporting the Office of Student Affairs as International Affairs and Admissions Officer. After completing her bachelor's degree in mathematics with a minor in computer science at the University of Mainz, Frey went on to complete her master's degree in mathematics at the ETH in Zurich. She started her PhD in mathematics in Frankfurt and followed her supervisor to Darmstadt and later to Basel, where she graduated magna cum laude. We asked her what her work in the Department will entail.

What will you be doing as International Affairs and Admissions Officer?

As International Affairs and Admissions Officer, I will focus on strategic planning and process improvement in the area of International Affairs and Admissions. One of my main responsibilities will be the admission of international Masters students. With the immense growth in this area, we need to make the admissions process efficient and user-friendly for all parties involved. This includes the development and implementation of new digital processes to facilitate the processing of the large number of applications. I will also coordinate and promote international cooperation and partnerships within the department.

What experience do you bring from previous positions?

I have ten years' experience in international academia, so I know the university world inside out. In my academic career, I have attended and organised international conferences, researched and taught in several countries, and collaborated with international colleagues across continental borders. In my voluntary work as a local politician, I deal with strategic planning and process optimisation, which was a major task during my mayoral election campaign.

What attracts you most about the new role?

I am particularly attracted by the opportunity to work independently and to make a positive contribution to the general public. As computer science is the backbone of our society today, it is extremely important to provide students with a good education in this field. I enjoy building intercultural bridges and improving the quality and efficiency of our processes. I enjoy developing strategies and finding ways to implement them.

What specific goals and projects are on the agenda for the coming year?

The biggest project will be to optimize the admissions process for international students. We receive a lot of applications and the current process is still very analog. However, this process is changing and will hopefully soon be fully digitalized. I will accompany this change and make sure it runs smoothly. In addition, we need to streamline and optimize other processes and work on continuing and implementing the department's internationalization strategy in the area of research.

Thank you very much. We wish you a good start in the department and look forward to working with you.

The questions were asked by Anne Grauenhorst.