RTG Seminar Privacy & Trust

In the RTG seminar “Privacy & Trust” (short: PAT seminar), presentations are given on results from the RTG. In addition, there are other presentations with relevance for the RTG, such as test presentations for conferences as well as research presentations by guests. There is also room for other formats in the seminar, such as reading groups, keynote speeches and paper pitches.

All PhD students and different Principle Investigators of our Research Training Group take part in the PAT Seminar. The seminar is also open to all associates but also other researchers from areas similar to our research agenda (RTG external researchers: In order to participate, please register by contacting this ).

The seminar is be held in English and each session concludes with a discussion and Q&A session on the respective topic.

You can find the seminar schedule at the bottom of this page. Click here to import this iCal calendar.