German Language Courses

(Die folgenden Informationen sind nur auf Englisch verfügbar.)

Since April 1st, 2017 (summer semester) it is possible to obtain up to 6 credit points in the area of study achievements (e.g. seminars, labs – in German “Studienleistungen”) within the master programme “Distributed Software Systems” through German language courses.

Our objective with this new regulation is to enable students to learn German and to improve the process of integration in Germany.

Offered courses

In the winter term 2017/18, one level A1 German course and one Level A2 course will be offered. We will inform you about the future continuation during the winter term 2017/18.

Credit transfer of previous German language courses

Previously passed German language courses up to 6 credit points can be transferred into the Distributed Software Systems programme under the following conditions:

  • Transferable are all modules that have been obtained at TU Darmstadt and include a final grade.
  • NOT transferable are language courses, which have been obtained, for example, at the Goethe-Institute or private language schools/institutes.
  • The area where the modules can be transferred to is „study achievements (e.g. seminars and labs – German “Studienleistungen”)“.
  • The transfer has to be requested in written form until March 31st, 2018 (limitation period, no extension possible). After March 31st, 2018 no request will be accepted.

Please submit your written request via the letter box next to S2|02 D117. Processing will likely take several weeks, as we expect a large number of requests.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to refrain from inquiring about the processing status of your request.


The language courses can only be transferred to the “study achievements (e.g. seminars, labs – German “Studienleistungen”)” area. It is not possible to transfer them to any other area of the Distributed Software Systems programme.

No, the German language courses will contribute to the total amount of credit points for the area of study achievements, but won’t be taken into account for any of the given types of courses that have to be absolved in order to fulfill the sub-conditions of the area.

No, only whole modules can be transferred. Splitting an existing module is not possible.

No, unfortunately it is not possible.

Yes. You may specify which of the given courses shall be transferred in your written request.

All obtained credit point will be listed in your final mark sheet. For the CGPA calculation a best-of-ranking in this area will take place and only the best 12-15 credit point (also depending on the achievements in the exam related areas) will be taken into account.