Seminar - Advanced Approaches in Software Verification

Seminar: Advanced Approaches in Software Verification (AASV)

The seminar deals with current research topics of the research group Semantics and Verification of Parallel Systems. You will learn about classical and recent research in the area of software verification (i.e., model checking, program analysis, testing, etc.). The current topics are listed here.

Important Dates in WS 2021/22

  • Initial Meeting: 2021-10-25, 3:.00pm
    (Details see Moodle)
  • Topic Choice: online via Moodle until 2021-10-31
  • Presentations: TBA
  • Submission deadlines
    • 2021-11-14 Submission of planned paper structure
    • 2021-11-28 Submission of slide draft
    • 2022-01-30 Submission of paper draft
    • 2022-03-20 Submission of final paper

Topics in WS2021/22

Course Content

Under the guidance of your supervisor you will

  • use the given literature and search for additional literature to become acquainted with your topic,
  • prepare and give a presentation about your topic and afterwards discuss the topic with the other participants,
  • write a scientific report, which provides a summary of your topic.

At the end of the seminar, students are able to autonomously familiarize themselves with a scientific topic and are able to present this topic to a heterogeneous audience orally and in written form.

More concrete, the students can search for scientific literature and assess the relevance of found literature. They are able to identify the main content of a scientific publication and critically evaluate them. Moreover, they can compare different scientific approaches. Students can explain and defend their topic and results to a heterogeneous audience in an oral presentation. Additionally, they are able to describe their topic and results in a scientific paper.

Previous Knowledge

Recommended. Knowledge about computer science and mathematics taught int the first four terms of the bachelor degree in computer science

Helpful. Participation in a course of the research group Semantics and Verification of Parallel Systems

Seminar Topics in Past Terms

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Topics in WS 2020/21

Topics in SS 2020

Topics in WS 2019/20