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Dr.-Ing. Tiemo Bang

Doctoral Researcher

Working area(s)

University of California, Berkeley


Tiemo graduated in 2022 and joined Sky Lab at UC Berkeley.

I am a very inquisitive person and embrace the unknown, which is why I love research.

I welcome very open discussions on current research and also general hot topics.

My research focus is robust scalability with the goal of making data management performance more reliable and efficient on NUMA platforms. For my doctoral research, I pursue design techniques that make a single DBMS design easily amendable to undetermined platform scales and future hardware generations, which I conduct in a joint research project with SAP.

Personally, a cup of proper coffee always brightens my day and I enjoy road biking with friend and colleagues.

So, if you like to discuss robust scalability or any other research topic of your interest over a good coffee, shoot me an email or stop by my office.

Below you can find material accompanying my publications, e.g., authors version of the papers, slide decks of talks.

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