Bachelor-Praktikum (BP)

Subject of the Bachelorpraktikum (BP) of the Department of Computer Science at the TU Darmstadt is to learn and experience the systematic realization of a non-trivial software project.

In teams of 4-5 students each, software projects from the university environment are worked on. Besides the development of the product itself, the systematic project management as well as a comprehensive quality assurance is an essential part of the BP. This includes the continuous documentation of the project's progress, the ongoing recording of requirements and the creation of a quality assurance document. This also trains the writing skills of the students.

This course is a mandatory course of the B.Sc. Computer Science study program and offered together with UKP lab.

Due to the current COVID-19-situation, all teaching activities will be completely online: courses will be either given as live stream (with recordings) or as video lectures (offline recordings). The detailed setup for each course regarding the organization will be announced on the Moodle website of each course. Please follow the links to Moodle.


Last offered Winter Semester (21/22)
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig, Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych (UKP)
See department page link for detailed information.