Bachelor-Praktikum (BP)

Subject of the Bachelorpraktikum (BP) of the Department of Computer Science at the TU Darmstadt is to learn and experience the systematic realization of a non-trivial software project.

In teams of 4-5 students each, software projects from the university environment are worked on. Besides the development of the product itself, the systematic project management as well as a comprehensive quality assurance is an essential part of the BP. This includes the continuous documentation of the project's progress, the ongoing recording of requirements and the creation of a quality assurance document. This also trains the writing skills of the students.

This course is a mandatory course of the B.Sc. Computer Science study program and offered together with UKP lab.

Due to the current COVID-19-situation, teaching activities will be partially online. The detailed setup will be announced in the Moodle course.


Last offered Winter Semester (22/23)
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig, Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych (UKP)
See department page link for detailed information.