PNS: Protection in Networked Systems ‒ Trust, Resilience, and Privacy

Course content

The lecture Protection in Networked Systems teaches concepts of IT-Security that go beyond individual protection goals. Individual goals – and methods to achieve them, e.g., cryptography – are fundamentals for this lecture and will not be covered. The focus of this lecture is the achievement of advanced protection goals in the context of emerging networked systems.

- Network & System Protection: intrusion detection, endpoint & insider threats, botnet mitigation
- Endpoint Protection: security & privacy for mobile devices, software security
- Computational Trust: models and mechanisms
- Machine Learning and Security
- Privacy Protection: concepts & definitions, privacy in networks and protocols, anonymous communication
- Security & Privacy from an Industry Perspective

This lecture covers important topics which are part of ongoing research in the National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity ATHENE and the Research Training Group GRK-2050.

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Teaching Staff

  Name Contact
Dr. Lamya Abdullah
S2|02 A112
Dr. Ephraim Zimmer
S2|02 A105
Dr.-Ing. Nikolaos Alexopoulos
S2|02 A121
Simon Althaus
S2|02 A121


Type Time Room
Lecture Tuesdays at 14:25 S202/C205 (Bosch Hörsaal)

The integrated lecture Protection in Networked Systems ‒ Trust, Resilience, and Privacy covers various topics of security and privacy with a focus on networks and communication. By attending this course, participants will gain an understanding on problems that arise in the context of networked systems and ways to approach them.

Knowledge of IT Security and Mathematics according to 1-4 semester of B.Sc. Computer Science

  • Selected book chapters and scientific publications (see lecture slides when applicable)