Society and Politics

Many professors and other members of the department are available as experts with their experience and specialist knowledge, provide assessments of issues and advise politicians and society with recommendations for action.

Participation in advisory boards and committees (selection)

Board Function Experts
acatech – National Academy of Science and Engineering Member Prof. Mira Mezini
Prof. Max Mühlhäuser
Prof. Michael Waidner

Prof. Johannes Buchmann
Prof. José Encarnação
AI Campus, pilot project funded by the BMBF Member of the Advisory Board Prof. Kristian Kersting
Quadriga of the National Pact Cybersecurity of the BMI Representative of the society group of science Prof. Mira Mezini
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities Full member Prof. Iryna Gurevych
Federal Agency for Cybersecurity Innovation (Cyberagentur) Member of the Supervisory Board Prof. Mira Mezini
Sage Council for Cybersecurity Member Prof. Matthias Hollick
Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence Founding Trustee Prof. Oskar von Stryk
German Rescue Robotics Center Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management Prof. Oskar von Stryk
International RoboCup Federation Vice President Prof. Oskar von Stryk

IT security vulnerability research