Current teaching

A complete list of current and upcoming courses can be accessed here.

Courses held at UKP Lab

UKP Lab offers a wide variety of courses within the Department of Computer Science as well as for students of other departments at Technische Universität Darmstadt and co-organizes the Master’s degree program “Internet and Web-based Systems”.


We offer several lectures being held regularly in summer and in winter term. The introductory course Foundations of Language Technologycommunicates the basics of natural language processing. These are complemented by the application oriented course NLP and the web, which addresses the large application domains of the web. Ethics in Natural Language Processing discusses ethical implications of new machine learning and natural language processing developments

Seminars and practical courses

The teaching range is complemented by seminars and practical courses addressing varying topics: the regular seminar Text Analytics introduces some of the central themes and techniques that have emerged among the field of NLP such as statistical methods, unsupervised techniques, or graph-based approaches. The Data Analytics Software Project conveys skills required to perform a larger research project: Students acquire knowledge and experience in developing a system for managing unstructured information, in particular text.

Theses at UKP Lab

We welcome motivated students for bachelor/master/diploma theses. We are committed to high quality research standards and support our students to make a significant contribution to the current state of the art. Thus, if you are looking for a pulsating environment and a challenging topic, feel free to contact us, even if your dream topic is not announced among the “out-of-the-box” theses below.

Open theses

Theses in progress

Finished theses

Student Assistants at UKP Lab

We are always looking for motivated students as research assistants for our cutting-edge research projects. If you are interested, please apply via email to Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych