EMNLP 2020 accepts six UKP papers

2020/09/16 by

Five long papers and one demo paper from UKP co-authors have been accepted for publication at EMNLP 2020, the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing. The conference will be held online from November 16th through November 20th, 2020.

The accepted long papers are:

  • Making Monolingual Sentence Embeddings Multilingual using Knowledge Distillation
    Nils Reimers and Iryna Gurevych
  • MultiCQA: Zero-Shot Transfer of Self-Supervised Text Matching Models on a Massive Scale
    Andreas Rücklé, Jonas Pfeiffer and Iryna Gurevych
  • Towards Debiasing NLU Models from Unknown Biases
    Prasetya Ajie Utama, Nafise Sadat Moosavi and Iryna Gurevych
  • MAD-X: An Adapter-based Framework for Multi-task Cross-lingual Transfer
    Jonas Pfeiffer, Ivan Vulić, Iryna Gurevych and Sebastian Ruder
  • A Matter of Framing: The Impact of Linguistic Formalism on Probing Results
    Ilia Kuznetsov and Iryna Gurevych

The accepted demonstration paper is:

  • AdapterHub: A Framework for Adapting Transformers
    Jonas Pfeiffer, Andreas Rücklé, Clifton Poth, Aishwarya Kamath, Ivan Vulić, Sebastian Ruder, Kyunghyun Cho and Iryna Gurevych