EMNLP 2023 accepts 7 long main conference papers (co-)authored by UKP

2023/10/12 by

7 long main conference papers (co-)authored by UKP members have been accepted for publication at EMNLP 2023, the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing. The conference will take place in Singapore from December 6th to December 10th, 2023.

Accepted long main conference papers:

  • Learning From Free-Text Human Feedback — Collect New Datasets Or Extend Existing Ones?
    Dominic Petrak, Nafise Sadat Moosavi, Ye Tian, Nikolai Rozanov, and Iryna Gurevych
  • Semantic Similarity Models for Depression Severity Estimation
    Anxo Pérez, Neha Warikoo, Kexin Wang, Javier Parapar, and Iryna Gurevych
  • CiteBench: A Benchmark for Scientific Citation Text Generation
    Martin Funkquist, Ilia Kuznetsov, Yufang Hou, and Iryna Gurevych
  • Exploring Jiu-Jitsu Argumentation for Writing Peer Review Rebuttals
    Sukannya Purkayastha, Anne Lauscher, and Iryna Gurevych
  • A Diachronic Analysis of the NLP Research Paradigm Shift: When, How, and Why?
    Aniket Pramanick, Yufang Hou, Saif M. Mohammad, and Iryna Gurevych
  • AdaSent: Efficient Domain-Adapted Sentence Embeddings for Few-Shot Classification
    Yongxin Huang, Kexin Wang, Sourav Dutta, Raj Nath Patel, Goran Glavaš, and Iryna Gurevych
  • SEER : A Knapsack approach to Exemplar Selection for In-Context HybridQA
    Jonathan Tonglet, Manon Reusens, Philipp Borchert, and Bart Baesens