ELLIS interview with Iryna Gurevych, André Martins and Ivan Titov



Natural Language Processing has seen tremendous development in the last years. New advancements are often driven by large teams with good coordination and access to significant computational resources. The ELLIS program »Natural Language Processing« connects top scientists in this field across Europe to foster cooperation & knowledge exchange.

Directors of the program are Iryna Gurevych, Professor at the Computer Science Department at the Technical University of Darmstadt, André Martins, Associate Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), and Ivan Titov, Professor and Personal Chair in Natural Language Processing at the University of Edinburgh (UK). Read here why they see pan-European cooperation as the key to progress.

»Challenges in natural language processing require coordination across a large scientific network«. Interview with Iryna Gurevych, André Martins and Ivan Titov, ELLIS, January 30, 2024.