ACL 2024 accepts 13 UKP papers

2024/05/27 by

We are happy to announce that 13 papers authored or co-authored by UKP members have been accepted for publication at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) in Bangkok. Congratulations to everyone involved!

The 11 main conference papers are:

»How to Handle Different Types of Out-of-Distribution Scenarios in Computational Argumentation? A Comprehensive and Fine-Grained Field Study« by Andreas Waldis, Yufang Hou and Iryna Gurevych

»SpaRC and SpaRP: Spatial Reasoning Characterization and Path Generation for Understanding Spatial Reasoning Capability of Large Language Models« by Md Imbesat Hassan Rizvi, Xiaodan Zhu and Iryna Gurevych

»IRCoder: Intermediate Representations Make Language Models Robust Multilingual Code Generators« by Indraneil Paul, Goran Glavaš and Iryna Gurevych

»M4GT-Bench: Evaluation Benchmark for Black-Box Machine-Generated Text Detection« by Yuxia Wang, Jonibek Mansurov, Petar Ivanov, Jinyan Su, Artem Shelmanov, Akim Tsvigun, Osama Mohammed Afzal, Tarek Mahmoud, Giovanni Puccetti, Thomas Arnold, Alham Fikri Aji, Nizar Habash, Iryna Gurevych and Preslav Nakov

»Systematic Task Exploration with LLMs: A Study in Citation Text Generation« by Furkan Şahinuç, Ilia Kuznetsov, Yufang Hou and Iryna Gurevych

»Are Emergent Abilities in Large Language Models just In-Context Learning?« by Sheng Lu, Irina Bigoulaeva, Rachneet Singh Sachdeva, Harish Tayyar Madabushi and Iryna Gurevych

»Triple-Encoders: Representations That Fire Together, Wire Together« by Justus-Jonas Erker, Florian Mai, Nils Reimers, Gerasimos Spanakis and Iryna Gurevych

»Dismantling the Misleading Narratives: Reconstructing the Fallacies in Misrepresented Science« by Max Glockner, Yufang Hou, Preslav Nakov and Iryna Gurevych

»Re3: A Holistic Framework and Dataset for Modeling Collaborative Document Revision« by Qian Ruan, Ilia Kuznetsov and Iryna Gurevych

»DAPR: A Benchmark on Document-Aware Passage Retrieval« by Kexin Wang, Nils Reimers and Iryna Gurevych

»On Efficient and Statistical Quality Estimation for Data Annotation« by Jan-Christoph Klie, Juan Haladjian, Marc Kirchner, Rahul Nair

The 2 Findings paper are:

»DARA: Decomposition-Alignment-Reasoning Autonomous Language Agent for Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs« by Haishuo Fang, Xiaodan Zhu and Iryna Gurevych

»GeoHard: Towards Measuring Class-wise Hardness through Modelling Class Semantics« by Fengyu Cai, Xinran Zhao, Hongming Zhang, Iryna Gurevych and Heinz Koeppl

Congratulations to all authors! We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok this August!