ArgumenText: Speaker proposal accepted for Bitkom AI-Summit 2018


We are looking forward to present our project ArgumenText at the first Artificial Intelligence Summit on March 1st 2018 in Hanau/Germany.

Abstract of our talk:

With encompassing digitization, decision-makers have a multitude of decision-relevant information at their disposal. While structured data is already used to automate decision making, the computational analysis of unstructured data is still a key challenge. In this talk, we show how Argument Mining can be used to unleash the potential of unstructured data and to integrate unused assets into decision-making processes. With the advances of Text Mining and Deep Learning, it is now possible to search large document collections, like social media or news reports, for arguments relevant to a given topic. This opens up new search paradigms, which we validate together with Daimler AG for the systematic assessment of novel innovations in the field of mobility and transport.

Link to the event