Four projects successfully completed in the beginning of 2017

2017/03/09 by

We have successfully completed our work on four projects:

  • “Argumentative Writing Support”: we developed a novel system that provides informative feedback about argumentative writing.
  • “VisADoc”: a project which aimed at developing new techniques for analyzing and understanding the dimensions of text data relevant to the users' needs. We created several datasets and software tools and released them to facilitate further research on the subject.
  • “Welt der Kinder”: a digital humanities project which aimed at gaining new insights about the world interpretation patterns and elements of cultural memory in the period from 1850 until 1918. Our contribution is an interactive tool for querying topic models.
  • “Personality Profiling in Books”: the project aimed at identifying suitable approaches to integrating semantic knowledge into text classification algorithms. The resulting information extractor and recommendation system were used in the “VisADoc” project.