Eight papers accepted at ACL 2016


UKP will have a strong presence at the International Conference of the Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL 2016) in Berlin. Six long papers, one short paper and one system demonstration have been accepted for publication.

Long papers

  • Supersense Embeddings: A Unified Model for Supersense Interpretation, Prediction and Utilization. Lucie Flekova and Iryna Gurevych
  • Temporal Anchoring of Events for the TimeBank Corpus. Nils Reimers, Nazanin Dehghani and Iryna Gurevych
  • Which argument is more convincing? Analyzing and predicting convincingness of Web arguments using bidirectional LSTM. Ivan Habernal and Iryna Gurevych
  • Optimizing an Approximation of ROUGE – a Problem-Reduction Approach to Extractive Multi-Document Summarization. Maxime Peyrard and Judith Eckle-Kohler
  • Verbs Taking Clausal and Non-Finite Arguments as Signals of Modality – Revisiting the Issue of Meaning Grounded in Syntax. Judith Eckle-Kohler
  • Analysing Biases in Human Perception of User Age and Gender from Text. Lucie Flekova, Jordan Carpenter, Salvatore Giorgi, Lyle Ungar and Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro

Short papers

  • Exploring Stylistic Variation with Age and Income on Twitter. Lucie Flekova, Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro and Lyle Ungar

System demonstrations

  • MDSWriter: Annotation tool for creating high-quality multi-document summarization corpora. Christian M. Meyer, Darina Benikova, Margot Mieskes and Iryna Gurevych