Tutorial at GSCL 2015: Lexical Resources for NLP


On September 29th, 2015, Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Lab will give a tutorial on Lexical Resources at GSCL 2015 in Essen.

In this tutorial, we address these challenges in two major learning units. We first explain the theoretical background by introducing a broad range of different lexical resources including WordNet, GermaNet, FrameNet, VerbNet, OpenThesaurus, OmegaWiki, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and OntoWiktionary. To overcome the problems of different structure and coverage, we additionally discuss state-of-the-art solutions of inter-linking and standardizing lexical resources, and we put a special focus on the type of information found in a specific source.

This tutorial is suitable for master- and PhD-level researchers who have no or little experience with lexical resources as well as for seniors, who plan to complement their research projects with lexical knowledge or who are seeking for innovative ways of teaching lexical resources using a “hands-on” approach.


Christian M. Meyer and Hatem Mousselly Sergieh

Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Lab

Technische Universität Darmstadt