WebAnno 2.2.0 released


We are pleased to announce the release of WebAnno 2.2.0, a web-based annotation tool for a wide range of annotations.

Improvements since WebAnno 2.1.1

  • Support for right-to-left scripts (experimental)
  • Support stacking on cross-sentence annotations
  • Better indication of behaviors for layers (even if behaviors are not customizable)
  • Improve automatic layer coloring for annotation view
  • Defining a tagset on a non-String feature is no longer possible
  • Do not show non-annotator users in monitoring page
  • Number of displayed sentences in correction and curation fixed

Thanks to all bug reporters!


Tutorial videos for WebAnno 2 are available on YouTube [1].


You can test WebAnno 2.2 on our public demo [2].

(username: guest / password: guest)


The new version can be downloaded from Google Code [3], GitHub [4], or BinTray [5].

Please observe the installation instructions [6].

An in-place upgrade from WebAnno 2.1.x to WebAnno 2.2.0 is possible.

Before any upgrade, please take the usual precautions making backups of your

WebAnno database and home folder. Observe the general upgrade instructions.

Users may have to explicitly “reload” WebAnno in the browser once.

WebAnno 2.2.0 requires Java 7.

License and System requirements

WebAnno is provided as open source software under the

Apache License version 2.

Running WebAnno requires Java version 7 or higher.

A MySQL database and Tomcat server are recommended.

We offer standalone version for testing that requires only

Java 7 or higher and no additional database or server.

WebAnno works best with Chrome and Safari.

-- The WebAnno 2.2 developer team

[1] Tutorial videos: http://goo.gl/MrmHNY

[2] Demo: https://maggie.lt.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/webanno/

[3] Website: http://webanno.googlecode.com/

[4] GitHub: https://github.com/webanno/webanno/releases/tag/webanno-2.2.0

[5] BinTray: https://bintray.com/webanno/downloads/webanno2/2.2.0/view

[6] Installation instructions: https://code.google.com/p/webanno/wiki/WebAnnoInstFile