Guest Speaker Bernardo Magnini


Bernardo Magnini will give an invited talk to LKE/KDSL on Friday October 17th, 2014, at 10am in S2|02 B002.


The KNOWLEDGESTORE: an Integrated Framework for Ontology Population


In this seminar we discuss aspects of Ontology Population from Text that have not yet been deeply investigated so far. They include: (i) the need to consider a larger variety of facts that can populate an Ontology, particularly events and the temporal relations among them; (ii) the role of “coreference” among textual mentions and its overlapping with the “linking” process; (iii) the fact that often unstructured data occurs in streams (for instance news) and, as a consequence, the Ontology Population process is an incremental one, where the temporal dimension is crucial.

Some of the research directions mentioned above have been addressed in the KNOWLEDGESTORE framework, a large-scale infrastructure for the combined storage and interlinking of multimedia resources and ontological knowledge. We discuss the KNOWLEDGESTORE capability to adapt to new types of content and application scenarios, and to provide reasoning and semantic queries services on top of stored contents.

Short bio:

Bernardo Magnini is senior researcher at FBK in Trento, where he is co-responsible of the Research Unit on Human Language Technology. His interests are in the field of Natural Language Processing, particularly lexical semantics, question answering and textual entailment. He has coordinated international research projects, including QALL-ME (Question Answering), LiveMemories (content extraction and integration), and EXCITEMENT (textual inferences). He has launched EVALITA, the evaluation campaign for both NLP and speech tools for Italian. He currently coordinates the special interest group on NLP of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence.