DKPro Lab 0.11.0 released

2014/06/23 by

We are pleased to announce the release of DKPro Lab, version 0.11.0.

DKPro Lab is a lightweight framework for parameter sweeping experiments.

DKPro Lab now requires Java 7.

Major changes:

  • Support for controlling fold creation in FoldDimensionBundle
  • Display file names as part of task progress in UIMA tasks
  • New adapters to load/save Strings and serializable Java objects
  • Upgrades to several dependencies including UIMAJ-SDK, uimaFIT and Groovy
  • Downgrade of Spring dependency to match version used by uimaFIT
  • DKPro Lab is now available from Maven Central

You can also read a more detailed overview of the changes in this release.

When upgrading, please mind that the artifactIds have changed, e.g.

“de.tudarmstadt.ukp.dkpro.lab.core” has become “dkpro-lab-core”.