DKPro WSD 1.1.0 released


We are pleased to announce the release of DKPro WSD, version 1.1.0.

DKPro WSD is a modular, extensible Java framework for word sense disambiguation. It provides UIMA components which encapsulate corpus readers, linguistic annotators, lexical semantic resources, disambiguation algorithms, and evaluation and reporting tools.

To obtain the software, please visit its websites on Google Code:


In addition to various bug fixes, DKPro WSD 1.1.0 has the following new features and improvements over the previous release (1.0.0):

  • Evaluators now permit chaining of backoff algorithms (Issue 29)
  • Added annotators that allow for disambiguating the complete text collectively (Issue 56)
  • Added a weighted MFS baseline
  • Sense cluster evaluator now computes McNemar's test
  • Sense cluster evaluator now handles the case where there are multiple gold-standard senses, and includes undisambiguated instances in the confusion matrix
  • Improved logging output