LKE/KDSL Research Seminar


On Tuesday, 6th May 2014, LKE/KDSL Research Seminars will feature talks by Zheng Ma and

Seid Muhie Yimam.

Zheng Ma

Title: Trend detection and monitoring using index terms in education literature

Abstract: In order to detect and monitor trends in the education literature databases, we perfomed several innovative statistical analysis on the time serie of term frequency. The methods target at term pairs as well as single terms. For single terms, the development phases can be determined. For term pairs, co-development, term-dependency and other interesting behavior are observed. As the corpus, Pedocs and FIS-Bildung databases will also be introduced.

Seid Muhie Yimam:

Title: Automatic Annotation Suggestions and Custom Annotation Layers inWebAnno

Abstract: WebAnno provides flexible approach to the efficient and exhaustive manual annotation of text documents. We extend WebAnno (Yimam et al., 2013) an open-source web-based annotation tool, where adding and configuring of an arbitrary number of layers through a web-based UI is possible. These layers can be annotated separately or simultaneously, and support most types of linguistic annotations such as spans, semantic classes, dependency relations, lexical chains, and morphology. Further, we tightly integrate a generic machine learning component for automatic annotation suggestions of span annotations.