LKE/KDSL Guest Speaker: Mikhail Kozhevnikov


Mikhail Kozhevnikov from the University of Saarland will be visiting UKP on November 14, 2013 and will give an invited talk at 11:30am in S2|02 A126.

Title: Advances in cross-lingual natural language processing

Abtract: In the last few years there has been a marked increase in the number of publications using cross-lingual methods or evaluating on multiple languages. Multilingual NLP is becoming more and more practical and cross-lingual methods start to attract more attention, as sizeable corpora in different languages are made available for various tasks. I would like to talk about cross-lingual NLP methods in general, focusing on transfer- and projection-based techniques and approaches attempting to model the relation between languages directly and the effect this new perspective has on design of models and annotation of resources.