Papers accepted for EMNLP 2013 and TextGraph 8


The following papers have been accepted at the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP) held in Seattle, WA, USA in October 2013:

Johannes Daxenberger and Iryna Gurevych. Automatically Classifying Edit Categories in Wikipedia Revisions

Martin Riedl and Chris Biemann. Scaling to Large^3 Data: An efficient and effective method to compute Distributional Thesauri

For the 8th Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing (TextGraph-8) Workshop, held in conjunction with the EMNLP, following papers have been accepted:

Chris Biemann and Martin Riedl. From Global to Local Similarities: A Graph-Based Contextualization Method using Distributional Thesauri

Alfio Gliozzo, Chris Biemann, Martin Riedl, Bonaventura Coppola, Michael R. Glass, Matthew Hatem. JoBimText Visualizer: A Graph-based Approach to Contextualizing Distributional Similarity