LKE/KDSL Research Seminar


Michael Matuschek and Tristan Miller will present their work at the LKE/KDSL Research Seminar.

The talks will occur on July 30, 2013, at 11:40am in S1|03 223.

Michael Matuschek will present:

Dijkstra-WSA: A Graph-Based Approach to Word Sense Alignment

In this talk, we present Dijkstra-WSA, a novel graph-based algorithm for word sense alignment. We evaluate it on four different pairs of lexical-semantic resources with different characteristics (WordNet-OmegaWiki, WordNet-Wiktionary, GermaNet-Wiktionary and WordNet-Wikipedia) and show that it

achieves competitive performance on 3 out of 4 datasets. Dijkstra-WSA outperforms the state of the art on every dataset if it is combined with a back-off based on gloss similarity.

Tristan Miller will present:

DKPro WSD: A generalized UIMA-based framework for word sense disambiguation

Implementations of word sense disambiguation (WSD) algorithms tend to be tied to a particular test corpus format and sense inventory. This makes it difficult to test their performance on new data sets, or to compare them against past algorithms implemented for different data sets. In this paper we present DKPro WSD, a freely licensed, general-purpose framework for WSD which is both modular and extensible. DKPro WSD abstracts the WSD process in such a way that test corpora, sense inventories, and algorithms can be freely swapped. Its UIMA-based architecture makes it easy to add support for new resources and algorithms. Related tasks such as word sense induction and entity linking are also supported.