Professor Oskar von Stryk among the Top 25 Influential Computer Scientists Today

TU Darmstadt occupies top positions in international ranking


TU Darmstadt has once again proven its internationally outstanding position in the field of computer science. Professor Oskar von Stryk is listed in 21st place in the ranking of the Top 25 Influential Computer Scientists Today. In addition, Professor Kristian Kersting recieved an "honorable mention“. In the ranking of the most influential universities in the field of computer science, the TU also reached an excellent result with 35th place as the only German university among the top 50. The ranking was compiled by the Academic Influence platform.

Professor Oskar von Stryk

Computer science shapes the scientific profile of TU Darmstadt. Scientists research the technological foundations necessary for digitisation. In national and international comparisons, the TU always holds top positions. One key to the success of computer science at TU Darmstadt is the excellent networking with application disciplines in engineering and the humanities, especially in the research field Information and Intelligence “I+I”.

Oskar von Stryk belongs to an illustrious circle. He is the top-ranked researcher from Germany on a list dominated by researchers from US universities. It includes scientists from top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Yale, MIT and Berkeley.

Von Stryk heads the Simulation, Systems Optimization and Robotics Group at the TU's Department of Computer Science. He researches the development of rescue robots that can autonomously search for people in the event of disasters or accidents. The rescue robots developed by his team have won numerous awards. Since 2018, von Stryk has been working to build the German Rescue Robotics Centre. He is a member of the AI•DA (Artificial Intelligence at TU Darmstadt) research initiative and the Hessian Centre for Artificial Intelligence (

Kristian Kersting is head of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group at TU Darmstadt. He is a member of the Centre for Cognitive Science, the AI•DA research initiative and the ELLIS Unit Darmstadt, as well as the founding co-director of the Hessian Centre for Artificial Intelligence. Kersting is a fellow of various professional societies. In 2019, he recieved the German AI Award.

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