Research Project B.2: Privacy Protection via Hybrid Social Networks

Privacy is often requested by users but rarely supported by Online Social Networks (OSNs), in most cases users are not even understanding the impact of their interactions on their (and their counterparts’) privacy. Privacy-protecting OSNs are highly specialised and lack of functionality and/or efficiency due to privacy-protection measures. Therefore they are not that attractive to customers and fail regularly to attract the critical mass to survive the competition amongst the social networks. A hybrid approach allows the users to stay in the actual network and communicate using a second privacy-preserving communication approach, if they are considering the interaction as sensitive. Moreover, the user will be informed about the relevance of their interaction in terms of monetary value and privacy. After empowering the user in the relationship of users and service providers, we need to reconstitute the balance between users and service provider by providing functionalities to collect and deduce data without destroying the users privacy.