Research Project D.1 AlterEgo as Assistant for Trustworthiness Assessments

The AlterEgo should decide whether to trust a service, sensor or social network or not. Therefore, it needs to know the users’ preferences. Correspondingly, during the setup phase, users configure their AlterEgo. The first goal in this project is to identify what should be configurable – obviously not each individual possible future situation but some sort of sets of general situations. The first challenge is to identify such sets that allow users to phrase generalized preferences which at the same time are concrete enough to be applied in various actual situations. This is particularly challenging due to legal conditions, complex interrelations between different situations and related risks depending on the actual configuration, and due to the different mental models of possible users. The second goal in this project is to handle individual situations based on individual preferences (configured during the setup). Therefore, the trustworthiness of the individual situation needs to be deduced based on multi-dimensional trust measurements. These measurements need to be adjusted to make them applicable for this project. Finally it is necessary to handle situations which users want to define as exception.

Poster (in German)