Project DÏoT will be funded by Pioneer Fund


The project “DÏoT – Autonomous and Distributed Intrusion Detection for IoT Networks” will be financially supported by the Pioneer Fund managed by HIGHEST. The 12-month funding will start from January 1st, 2022. The aim of the ACTIVATOR program is to develop the existing research results to commercial maturity and exploitation. Additionally, the funding can be used for proof-of-concept and market studies as well as the development of a business model.

“We want to develop our innovative intrusion detection system for IoT networks ”DÏoT“ further and implement a full-fledged prototype system so that we can acquire additional funding or establish a start-up,” explains Dr. Markus Miettinen, one of the project coordinators.

DÏoT is a novel autonomous and distributed intrusion detection system for IoT networks developed by the team at System Security Lab. DÏoT uses state-of-the-art federated deep learning algorithms to model the communication behavior of IoT devices in order to detect anomalies that deviate from devices’ normal behavior.

“DÏoT is trained to understand the ‘language’ that the communication behaviour of IoT devices represents and is therefore able to detect deviations in device behaviour caused by potential attacks”, says Thien Nguyen.

DÏoT is able to react in a proactive manner, and, take countermeasures like isolating compromised devices from the network or resetting them to stop the attack.

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