Text Analytics

Text Analytics: NLP for Social Good

This seminar will explore how to use modern artificial intelligence, in particular, NLP, to tackle problems of "social good"


The course will take place in accordance with the adjusted schedule and modalities for the summer term (Covid-19 pandemic effects). Thus, the below dates are subject to change.

Seminar kick-off on 14.04, time slot will be announces in moodle.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Yufang Hou (IBM)

Course content

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology has made tremendous advances in the past few years. These advances have greatly powered improvements across various real-world applications, such as email smart compose, code generation (e.g., AlphaCode), chatbot (e.g., Amazon Alexa), drug discovery, or new material discovery. The last two applications are related to a promising subfield of NLP -- document processing. This seminar will cover the latest research in this domain. In this seminar, we will explore literature in this field, with a specific focus on scholarly document processing. We will talk about common NLP tasks in document processing; review existing methods and benchmarks; and investigate downstream applications of various document processing techniques.


Will be announced during the seminar.


Will be announced during the seminar.