Novel security for the Internet of Things

Transfer project of the System Security Lab receives funding from the Pioneer Fund

2021/09/16 by

The project “DÏoT – Autonomous and Distributed Intrusion Detection for IoT Networks” at the System Security Lab of Professor Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi will be supported by the university's internal funding program Pioneer Fund starting January 2022.

“DÏoT” is the name of the new transfer project at Professor Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi's System Security Lab. It is a novel autonomous and distributed detection system (“Intrusion Detection System”) designed to prevent attacks on IoT networks. For this purpose, “DÏoT” uses so-called federated deep learning algorithms to model the communication behavior of IoT devices in order to detect when the behavior of a device changes due to attacks. DÏoT can then proactively respond and initiate countermeasures, such as isolating or resetting infected devices on the network to stop an attack.

Beginning January 1, 2022, “DÏoT” will be one of only two projects to receive 12 months of funding under the ACTIVATOR line of the university's internal Pioneer Fund. Through the program, the start-up and innovation center HIGHEST and cooperation partner Entega support members of TU Darmstadt in bringing scientific results into application.

In addition to developing technology and product maturity, the project funding will be used for feasibility and market studies as well as the development of a business model. “We want to continue our innovative intrusion detection system for IoT networks ”DÏoT“ and develop the prototype to the point where we can acquire further funding or found a start-up,” explains Dr. Markus Miettinen, who coordinates the project together with Thien Nguyen at the System Security Lab.