Research Project A.2: User Sensitization for Privacy and Trust

The average user of digital devices needs to be adequately informed about privacy and trust when they decide to use services on the internet. For these services, a conflict of interest arises between functionality and privacy that should be communicated in a transparent, secure and user-friendly manner. To do so, this project aims at evaluating concepts for user sensitization with regards to the knowledge increase in four areas: 1) which data the user reveals by using the service, 2) how they are being handled, 3) which consequences and risks may arise and 4) recognizing potential differences between the worth of the data for the user and the service. Sensitization concepts will be evaluated by establishing probabilistic decision models that capture the user’s perceived utilities and risks in using a service. The aim is to arrive at a sensitization method that optimizes trade-offs between functionality and privacy in a way fitting the user’s preferences.