D.3 Privacy and Trust for Internet-Based Federations of Infrastructures
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Current PhD project of subarea D.3:


-Carsten Schmidt-

Communication via the Internet relies on core services and protocols. With new technological advancements and new approaches, these services and protocols should be regularly tested for security.

In this project we want to identify which services and protocols could profit from new technological advancements. We want to suggest improvements with the goal to ensure privacy and trust.

Another goal is to analyze the requirements for the end user devices to securely participate in the Internet. As manufacturers tend to minimalize the internal functionality (due to lower production cost), several requirements for standard methods could be lost. For this purpose, we want to analyze which functionalities are most likely to be cut and find ways to replace the lost standard methods with new approaches.

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Carsten Schmidt
D.3, Tandem: B.1, B.3
+49 6151 869 518
Prof. Dr. Michael Waidner
C.2, D.2, D.3
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