Digital Summer Semester 2022
Info from the Department for our Students

How do I reach the examination office? Where can I find information about starting my studies? Who can help me with questions about a semester abroad or the mentoring system? On this page, students will find the most important information for the summer semester 2021 and information about our current availability.

Dear students of the Department of Computer Science,

the Corona pandemic is still present and continues to demand patience and prudence from all of us. In anticipation of falling incidences, the university is taking steps to open up and is planning the 2022 summer semester as a traditional semester with full face-to-face teaching and studying. We look forward to seeing you and to our campus coming back to life!

Where possible, digital courses can complement classroom teaching and be offered by lecturers on a voluntary basis. Depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic develops, however, new adjustments to teaching and examinations may be necessary.

Important: Many students are not yet familiar with a regular course of study at the TU Darmstadt, and with the return to face-to-face teaching, some special regulations will no longer apply, which I would like to draw your attention to:

  • As of the 2022 semester, the simplified withdrawal regulation for exams will no longer apply. You can only withdraw via TUCaN up to 8 days before an examination. After that, you can only withdraw in writing via the study office if you can provide proof of health or similarly serious reasons.
  • Third attempts at subject examinations are no longer cancelled. If you fail, you will be facing exmatriculation. You should therefore seek advice in good time from the Student Advisory Service.

I wish you all a good start into the winter semester 2021/22.

Prof. Jan Peters, Ph.D.
Chair for Student Affairs

TU Darmstadt official website

The TU Darmstadt's official website offers information on how the TU Darmstadt is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Please also see thesub-page for students.

Summer term on-site

The Vice President, Academic Affairs and Diversity, Prof. Heribert Warzecha, addresses the students in person. Today's topic: summer semester on-site

Please note the adapted processes and communication channels with the Office of Study Programmes and Examination, as listed below.

The Examination Office remains closed for the time being. We will be happy to help you during our office hours by phone or zoom or by mail to


The mailbox in front of the Examination office in the Piloty building S2|02 is currently NOT emptied regularly.Please send all official documents (i. e. applications) in advance as a PDF file with signature by e-mail. We will demand the originals if necessary.

Sick leave

  • Medical certificates of incapacity for examination can still be submitted online.

Submitting final theses in two steps

  • Theses no longer have to be submitted in printed form. Submitting the text documents in time by uploading them electronically to the TUbama platform will be sufficient. The submission date will be documented. We are automatically informed about the submission.
  • Important: Please send an e-mail to the study office (studienbuero@dekanat.informatik.tu-…) with the signed and scanned declaration for the final thesis according to §22 (7) APB.


  • The open office hours of the departmental student advisory service are temporarily not offered.
  • Due to the current situation there may be delayed response times.
  • Please ask general questions in the forum in the Moodle course if possible, so that our answer can reach as many students with the same questions as possible. Please remember that when posting in the forum, please include the name of the author of the post.

Moodle Course

Prospective students, current applicants* for the B.Sc. in Computer Science and students in the B.Sc. in Computer Science are asked to register for the Moodle course of the advisory service for Bachelor in Computer Science. A lot of information is already provided there. If you have questions, please check the course first to see if they have already been answered. Please do not only use the search in the forums, but also – if available – access the corresponding self-study units (represented by a “chest” icon, e.g. “Working with the study and examination plan”). This way you can potentially find the answer you are looking for yourself and do not have to wait for our reaction via email.

Student advisory service Bachelor courses

  • Please make an appointment in the Moodle course for a personal meeting (under “Make an appointment…”) and follow the instructions there. After booking the appointment, please make sure you state in a comment what you want to talk about and your Skype ID so that we can prepare for the conversation.
  • Via “Collection of questions…” you can submit questions, requests for new content – optionally anonymously.
  • If your question has not yet been answered in the Moodle course, you can still contact us by email at . for all concerns.

Recognition of achievements

  • For the examination of the recognizability of achievements (when applying for a higher semester or to assess whether a transfer to the TU Darmstadt is advisable) within the framework of the B.Sc. in Computer Science, please submit the current transcript of records and the URL of the module handbook of your current or previous university directly with your request. Please understand that the examination may take some time.
  • If you transferred to the TU Darmstadt in the winter semester 2020/2021 and your achievements have been recognized, please contact us by e-mail after you have registered and have a TU-ID. Before you are fully enrolled, the recognized achievements cannot be credited.
  • The walk-in hours are currently not offered
  • However, you can arrange an appointment for a consultation by sending an e-mail to
  • An appointment in presence is possible from Tuesday till Thursday
  • If you would like to send documents, please also use . If this is not possible (e.g. due to the size of the files) you may use the Hessenbox instead.
  • If you have any questions regarding your application for our Master's programs, please contact us via
  • Until further notice there will be no office hours. However, you can arrange an appointment for a consultation (e.g. by zoom) via as well.
  • Documents (e.g. subsequently submitted documents or applications) may also be provided via . If this is not possible (e.g. due to the size of the files) you may use the Hessenbox instead.

The intensive mentoring system will take place digitally via Zoom in the summer semester of 2021.

Detailed information on the procedure and registration can be found on the pages of the mentoring system.

If you have any questions regarding the mentoring system, please contact .

Access to buildings

University buildings are open again to students, employees and staff as of 01 September 2021.

The study center (LZI) and computer workspaces (Rechnerpool) at the Department of Computer Science are open.

Computing Services offered by the ISP group can be accessed via remote login (SSH). Instructions can be found on the web pages of the ISP.