Welcome to TU Darmstadt

Welcome to TU Darmstadt

At TU Darmstadt and, in particular, at the Department of Computer Science, we have a long tradition of hosting students from all over the world for a semester or a year or two. The feedback that we have been receiving from our guests is encouraging, so I strongly believe you will return with a great feeling and with a bunch of valuable experiences.

To make your stay a success, the most important thing you can, and should, do is simple: meet as many German-speaking people as you can and talk to them, talk, talk, talk. Do not isolate yourself, nor should you focus too much on other students from your home country. It is sometimes not easy to get in touch with the „native inhabitants“, but once you got, everything will become much easier.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or anything goes wrong. We are happy to assist you.

On behalf of TU Darmstadt and the Department of Computer Science, I wish you a pleasant stay and all the best,

Prof. Dr. Jan Peters, Ph.D.

Dean for Student Affairs


You can find more information on applications and admissions on the websites of the International Relations and Mobility Office.

Student Advisory Service

The Student Advisory Service of our department provides support on all academic issues relating to your studies. If you have any question regarding course offerings, exams, theses, or reports/certificates, please consult our advisory service first.

You can contact us via or you can drop by on Tuesday from 2 – 3 pm in room S202/D115. It is also possible to arrange an appointment at another time, to do so send us an email.