You will find a lecture list on TU Darmstadt Campus Net (TUCaN). Note that you may visit all courses listed in the different sections.

At the Department of Computer Science there is no differentiation between undergraduate and graduate courses. However, as an orientation, the undergraduate courses more or less can be found under 'Pflichtveranstaltung' and 'Wahlbereiche' whereas the graduate courses are listed under ''Wahlbereiche'. The course language is indicated in the course description. Please note that in TUCaN only the current courses can be found.

Please find a list of courses taught in English for the summer term 2020 and the winter term 2020/21 below.

Courses held in English for summer term 2020 and winter term 2020/21. (opens in new tab)

Please note that there may be deviations from the list.

For exchange students who spend one or two semesters at TU Darmstadt, there is no restriction in the selection of courses you can participate in.

If you are studying a Double Degree please contact the advisory service to plan your studies.